Jon is the Rector (Senior Pastor) of Christ Church Kelowna. He loves God, his family, dear friends, and old, leather-bound books (in that order). He is married to the most important and all-around most impressive woman in his life, Heather, and has three passionate, energetic, and creative children: Benjamin, Noah, and Meredith.

When not at Christ Church, Jon lectures in History and English Literature at the University of British Columbia. He holds a BA in English (UBC), an MDiv in Theology (Tyndale), and a Doctor of Theology in Church History (University of Toronto).  He is passionate about the role and the witness of good theology in the Church, and he loves to help people think about the riches of Jesus Christ in order to love him with deep and warm affection.

He loves to go for long walks, he loves the oceanside and the lakeside, and he agrees wholeheartedly with C.S. Lewis that “……the sun looks down on nothing half so good as a household laughing together over a meal, or two friends talking over a pint of beer.”

And he loves being pastor to the precious saints at Christ Church, believing that the Church, the gathering of God’s chosen in Christ, is the dearest place on earth.